What is Yoga?

Yoga is many things…

…and then maybe just one for you?

For me it’s an experience which goes far wider than the physical aspect (Hatha) which is what most of us think about when we’re asked to give a definition of Yoga. It reminds me of my experience of “Living in Africa”. There is something very special about Africa, which is quite difficult to explain.  It’s similar with Yoga ~ it’s something which is a lot easier experienced rather than studied and learnt….

If Yoga has caught your eye, knocked on your door, or even got you properly curious ~ give it a GO, it is 4 everyone!

Renate Mullins Step Into Yoga Brentwood Essex

And here a lovely intellectual explanation:

The true purpose of Yoga is to discover that aspect of your being that can never be lost.  Your job may change, your relationships may change, your body may change, your beliefs may change, your desires may change, your ideas about your role in the world may change, but the essence of who you are is the continuity of awareness that has no beginning or end. Your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, goals, and experiences may come and go, but the one who having the experiences — the experiencer — remains.  — Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga