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Yoga classes

Yoga 4 U


A Hatha class for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or looking to get back into regular yoga practice. This class is perfect for those who enjoy group yoga sessions.‘Hatha’ is the term used for the physical movement associated with yoga – in these classes, Hatha will be used alongside the all-important breathing techniques of pranayama in order to allow you create inner balance & harmony. With classes held both mornings and evenings, you can wake up and refresh with yoga, or allow your mind some peace after a long day at work!

Gentle Yoga 4 U


This gentle Hatha class is ideal for those who would prefer to ease into yoga at a slightly slower, more gradual pace.  Here we are taking into full account on where you are, specifically on a physical level.

Yoga 4 Seniors

A Yoga class on a chair, so EVERYONE can take part. Participants “feel & see” the positive changes. Come along for a taster!

Yoga 4 Pregnancy

During this 7 week course you will cover movement,
breathing, and exercises for pregnancy and put these
important techniques into context for birth preparation.

Yoga 4 Mums & Babies

Over the course of 5 – 7 weeks, you and your baby have the chance to create 1 hour of quality time, doing something
for both of you!

The class is taught in a relaxed way, and the needs of the little ones are always taken as a priority.

It’s a safe environment for the two (three i.e. twins) of you to work on your physical and mental fitness.

Yoga 4 Mums & Tots

A class which is designed to give Mums and Tots (crawling/walking – 4) a great Yoga experience. We focus on Mum’s recovery needs and the little ones have the freedom to join in if and when they want. There are age appropriate toys for the little ones to play with available. It is a FUN, possibly noisy, and nice bonding class for both of you.

Yoga 4 Kids

Yoga 4 Kids & Relax Kids classes ~ A class where we look at physical flexibility, balance, coordination, work on focus and concentration of your child, boost self-esteem and confidence and teach your child awareness of the mind-body connection!

Yoga 4 Families

A yoga class for the entire family. Games & Partner poses are emphasised, ensuring great bonding time.

Yoga Teens

Here there are life skills on over, which are generally not taught in school. Breathing, self regulation, flexibility on all levels, relaxation & FUN!

One to One Yoga

Time to really find what YOU need from Yoga? My aim is to support you on that journey and help you make a real difference in your life!